Become a Member

BECOMEAny Tanglewood resident interested in the Garden Club is encouraged to join. Dues, as stated, are $55 per year and are payable to the Treasurer. Club activities take place September through April. Upon joining you will be given the Directory/Yearbook listing all activities and current members. You also will have access to the Members Only section of the website which contains specific information on the Club activities. Garden club members are encouraged to join a committee or two. You will find the committees listed on the Membership Form.

Tanglewood Garden Club has very exciting plans for 2018-2019.  In addition to our friendly general meetings and social activities, this will be our fifth year supporting Tanglewood Park to ensure it remains a beautiful and vibrant part of our Tanglewood Community.  We are fortunate that last year the park will fall under the Uptown Redevelopment Authority.  The Authority has improved the park, with the support of the Houston City Council.   Tanglewood Garden Club will continue to serve as monitors for the park.

For more information or questions please contact us using the link on the website.  We look forward to seeing all our Tanglewood neighbors this year.

TGC Membership Form – 2018-2019