Tanglewood Park

In late 2008 Linda Debrovner, a Tanglewood resident, made the decision to do something about our neighborhood park. The park, a wonderful resource for the Tanglewood area, had been neglected for years. The only quality improvement made in the park in a 30 year period was the addition of the children’s play area.

Linda put together a committee of Tanglewood residents, along with Flo McGee and began a campaign in 2009 to raise funds to replace the rusted fencing surrounding the park area. It was quickly noted that the park needed more than fencing. It needed tree clean up, new furniture, new walkways, new tennis fencing, new lighting, additional trees and a dog park area. Over a 3 year period approximately $390,000.00 was raised from the community within the Tanglewood area. The City of Houston contributed approximately an additional $35,000.00 to complete the project.


While the improvements have made a tremendous improvement for our community, the park will always need funding for maintenance or history will repeat itself. In 2013 the Tanglewood Garden Club Board voted to officially take the park on as a project. Beginning in 2013 the park committee is a standing committee with Garden Club volunteers working to patrol the park, checking for maintenance issues as well as developing fun activities that will showcase the park as well as creating a community spirit in Tanglewood.  In 2016 TIRZ (Uptown Redevelopment District) will be doing major renovation on the park.  New drainage, upgrades to the Dog Park as well as additional parking spaces will be added.  While under renovation the Tanglewood Garden Club committee will continue to monitor the park.  We look forward to this positive improvement to our community park.


Doggie 2014 2