Yearly Projects

When the Tanglewood subdivision was developed and Tanglewood Garden Club was founded, there had been rice fields and was basically a bald prairie. The founding ladies of the Garden Club decided that they could help beautify Tanglewood by planting trees. They originally donated $400 to that cause and Mr. Farrington (the developer) found 15 ft. trees for $15.00 each and decided to match the ladies gift. They initially planted 54 trees and later added trees until they planted a total of 92 trees in all 14 of the esplanades. Their next gift was $200 to plant small trees in the smaller esplanades throughout Tanglewood.


From the beginning the garden club’s purpose was to add beauty to the neighborhood. Other efforts of the garden club included the start of mosquito spraying, encouraging Christmas lighting, providing benches for the boulevard, planting the entrances to the neighborhood, and purchasing 56 crepe myrtles for the boulevard.  They also initiated a Fourth of July parade for the neighborhood, and continued planting to promote neighborhood beautification.

In 2007 the Board voted to return to our original project of planting trees in the neighborhood. The boulevard had just been redone and there was concern about the longevity of the existing trees. They have planted one to two trees yearly to make sure there was a reforesting project is in place. This has yielded eighteen new trees at an approximate cost of $31,000. With the need for additional trees fulfilled for the meantime, the garden club decided to support Tanglewood Park.


In 2009 the first endeavor was to contribute to the restoration of the gazebo and the development of the Bark Park and in 2013 they adopted the Tanglewood Park as one of their projects. During the 2013-2014 Garden Club year the club worked with the Tanglewood Homeowners’ Association on selecting annual plants for certain common areas in the neighborhood. The club sponsored three planting Saturdays during the year to assist the Homeowners’ Association in beautifying the neighborhood.  During the 2015-2016 year the Garden Club worked with the Homeowners’ Association in selecting a location for a water fountain on Tanglewood Blvd.  In the Spring of 2016 the water fountain was placed on the Boulevard.  Now walkers, joggers and their furry pals have a place where they can stop to get a drink during the hot Houston days.  In 2018 the Garden Club project was placement of a tree on the Doliver triangle along with the recent installation of the plaque honoring the Tanglewood Garden Club Founding members.  A tribute to our history.

In 2019 the Garden Club Board approved monies to be donated to the Tanglewood Foundation Board which supports beautification projects in the neighborhood.  Future projects will focus on the continuted  support of the Tanglewood community.

All the Tanglewood Garden Club ladies endeavors have been a satisfying experience, beautified the neighborhood, and have produced many cherished friendships as well.

In the Spring of 2020 and Fall of 2020, Tanglewood Garden Club chose to support our wonderful Tanglewood Patrol with gift cards to local restaurants and to Academy.  These first responders work extra to provide our wonderful and safe neighborhood.  We are honored to thank them for there service.