Lisa Riney’s March Letter

Hi Ladies,

It’s hard to believe another year of the Tanglewood Garden Club has almost finished up. It’s been a huge blessing and a lot of fun. Our last meeting of the year is March 17 at 10:00 am. It will be at The Belfiore. Total Wine will teach us a little about sparkling wines. We will also be voting on our new nominated executive board officers. Please join us for a great morning.

SubClubs have been a new addition to Tanglewood Garden Club and have been well received and members like seeing and meeting people a little more often.

Check out Activities for this March.

Boulevard Walkers meet every Thursday morning at 7:30

Contact Kristine for more information.

Tanglewood Park Walkers meet Every Monday. Check with Gail for times.

General Meeting March 17 at 10am at The Belfiore.

March 18 Movie Group. Contact Kathleen for details.


March 18 Lunch Bunch 11:15 at The French Riviera Bakery. Contact Vivian.

March 19 Mahjong. Contact Alison for details.

March 24 Spring Outing. This event is full.

March 30 Book Club. They will be discussing The Alice Network. Contact Holly.

I have tried almost every SubClub and met new people and had some great quality time with friends!

As we prepare for next year, there will be sign up sheets at each table for interest in next years positions. These will be given to the new president to help her fill her board. It’s nice to know who is interested. They will use this for committees as well as chairs. We are also asking for new  SubClub ideas and speakers you may want to hear. Also if you are interested in hosting an event in your home we would love to know that.

Thanks everyone for making this a fun year! I have enjoyed being president and look forward to even more fun next year.


Lisa Riney

Article written by Gail Branca