Tanglewood Garden Club 2020 Project Donation

Presentation of Gift Certificates to Sargeant Headley

Each year Tanglewood Garden Club dedicates monies for a yearly project. This year the Board decided they would have a special project donation to the Tanglewood Patrol as it’s been a rough, few months in our neighborhood with an uptick in the number of home invasions.  The Tanglewood Patrol has increased their presence in the neighborhood and has been working nonstop to keep the would-be home invaders at bay.  Lisa Riney, President and other Board members recently presented Detective Sargeant Jeff Headley of the Tanglewood Patrol with gift cards to local restaurants Southwells and Berryhill Baja Grill.  TGC gifted a total of $1980 in the form of 33 gift cards.  “It means a lot to my guys to know that the Tanglewood Garden Club appreciates all of their hard work”, said Sargeant Headley.   Additionally with the COVID-19 restrictions these gift cards represent a way to support our local restaurants.

Article written by Gail Branca