Fun Time at Welcome Back to the Park Party-Saturday, April 22

DSCN0386Tanglewood Garden Club adopted Tanglewood Park as a project in 2013.  Since then Garden Club members have walked the park each week-picking up trash, noting areas that need repair and letting the City of Houston know any issues.  Each year a small community party has been held to encourage our neighbors to use the park.  At the party, the Garden Club hosts a dog costume contest.  This year-TIRZ undertook a major park renovation (these plans have been in the works since  2015)-adding drainage to the dog park, additional parking and other needed items.  Since the park was under construction this year, the Garden Club Park committee was side-lined.  On Saturday, April 22nd Garden Club Committee Chairs, Sally Thompson and Maria Heap put on a “Welcome Back to the Park Party ” for the community.  Fun was had by all-a dog contest-with Garden Club Member, Flo McGee and her dog as the Grand prize winner. 782A0216 Minnie Mouse wandered the park entertaining children and a Mo-town band played for the attendees.  We are glad to be back at the park and look forward to seeing our neighbors as we patrol the park in the coming months.

Article written by Gail Branca