A Letter from our 2021-2022 President

Dear Tanglewood Garden Club Members,

Congratulations to our newly-elected officers, President Erin Slosburg, Vice President Barbara Kirk, Treasurer April Palafox, Recording Secretary Barbara Forbes, and Corresponding Secretary Donna Ellis!  Let us offer our support in every way to ensure a successful 2022-2023 year.

As my tenure as president comes to an end, I reflect on the kindness and support I received from so many on my board and in the general membership.  The Tanglewood Garden Club may no longer have gardening as its top priority, but our founding principles remain the same.  We are a club of neighbors and friends, and we should always seek to remember that in our day-to-day business.  The original founders sought to beautify the neighborhood with trees and plants.  We can beautify our community with our smiles, acts of generosity both spiritual and financial, and loving kindness toward each other.

With gratitude,

Nancy McCormick

President, 2021-2022

Article written by Gail Branca